story of this show on 123movies gomovies: When a plane crashes on a deserted island on the way to Thailand, the remaining survivors of the crash struggle to get along and heads clash as they have differing views on how to stay alive and how they will get off the island.

Genre: Comedy

Director: Jordan Shipley , Justin Shipley

Country: USA

Duration: 30 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2016

IMDb: 7.2

Season 1 - Wrecked
"No description"
"A British ex-special forces agent leads a rescue mission after a commercial flight crashes on an uninhabited island. The survivors make a discovery that could change everything."
"The survivors find a satellite phone, Danny confronts his past, Todd learns about the death of his child, and a discovery is made that could change everything."
"Pack, Emma, and Florence face a tough choice and the survivors make a discovery that could change everything."
"Pack goes on a vision quest, Danny helps Owen relax, Todd makes a power play to take control, and the survivors make a discovery that could change everything."
"The survivors hold an election, Danny and Todd face off, and the survivors make a discovery that could change everything."
"Todd adjusts to a life of solitude, Pack finds other crash survivors, and the survivors make a discovery that could change everything."
"The survivors hold a trial after someone is seriously injured and the survivors make a discovery that could change everything."
"Danny and Owen start a new camp, two survivors try to escape the island, and the survivors make a discovery that could change everything."
"Owen has an encounter in the jungle. Todd, Florence, and Emma adjust to life off the island and the survivors make a discovery that could change everything."
"The survivors make a discovery that could change everything."
"No description"
Season 2 - Wrecked
"The newly arrived pirates try to ransom Danny while marooning the others. Steve tries to make amends for murdering a survivor."
"After the pirates decide to stay on the island, Pack tries to negotiate a truce. Steve pitches Danny on a new business venture."
"After something taints the water upstream, Florence and Karen hike into the jungle to find the source while the others debate whether they want the pirates to spoil \u201cGame of Thrones.\u201d Steve strikes up an unlikely romance."
"Owen and Florence deal with the return of a deadly foe. Todd makes a haunting discovery about his past after trying to fist fight Chet. I guess Owen is the captain now. Or maybe Florence again? Hard to say."
"Jess & Todd attempt to buy passage on the pirate's ship through unconventional means. Owen starts to have feelings for Florence, as Steve grapples with his new love. Jess and Todd are both the captains now, like a sort of dual-captain scenario."
"After discovering the pirate's plan to harvest their organs, the survivors attempt to escape the island. Karen must make a difficult decision that echoes a moment from her past. Will the pirates remain the captains now?"
"After making it onto the pirate's ship (a Red Hot Chili Peppers tribute band cruise), the survivors divide after only some of them get showers. Pack and Bruce form an unlikely friendship."
"After Todd and Jess decide to get married, Florence and Owen struggle to define their new romance. Casey returns to officiate the wedding. Pack and Steve make a discovery that threatens to tear them apart."
"Danny launches an investigation after the survivors discover someone has sabotaged the ship by blowing up the engine. Steve makes a shocking discovery at the bottom of the ship. Honestly, no one is the captain now."
"As the ship sinks, the survivors attempt to escape. Will anyone be the captain now ever again?"
Season 3 - Wrecked
"After surviving the Cruisifornication explosion and washing ashore on a new island, the survivors uncover a menacing threat, begging the question -- wait, does anyone actually read these episode descriptions?"
"After a charismatic millionaire rescues the survivors, Jess and Florence suspect he may not be what he seems, and set out to answer the question -- who is Declan Stanwick? And more importantly, who is reading this? Anyone?"
"After discovering Declan's sinister plot, Danny goes undercover with the rich, while Pack and Karen attempt to escape the compound. I wish we could escape writing these episode descriptions, am I right? No one actually reads these, right?"
"After Jess loses her recollection of the last decade, Todd attempts to spark her memory. Steve and Declan face off in a battle of wits."
"On the eve of The Hunt, Martha offers to the survivors' one last meal of their choosing -- as long as they can all decide together."
"It's Hunt Day, and the survivors must face off against each other in a battle royale to the death."
"Attempting to hide from the others during The Hunt, Pack and Jess run into a new threat on the island."
"With Karen gravely injured, Owen and Danny must journey to the center of the island to defeat Chettywompwomp. Florence learns more about Karen's backstory. Pack, Todd and Jess face a futile task."
"The survivors attempt to turn the tables on the rich and lure them into a trap."
"Barricaded in the mansion and surrounded by the rich, the survivors mount one last attempt to escape Declan's island."